Are Starbucks coffee beans good?

Starbucks Coffee Beans: Are they good?

Are Starbucks Coffee beans good?

Starbucks has been around for a very long time and is a big competitor in the coffee industry. The growing popularity of Starbucks is not stopping and the brand is very successful, so are Starbucks coffee beans good?

Starbucks comes from Seattle, Washington and started off as one location. They now have many locations all around the world. They’re very popular due to their ability to create a community of individuals who continuously enjoy the environment they provide. Starbucks creates a space where people flock to enjoy their coffee and get some work done. They also sell their own coffee beans that are accessible for people to make their coffee at home too. 

Starbucks’ main competitors in recent years are local businesses because of the popularity of local coffee beans. Since Starbucks locations are all around the world, their coffee beans are widely available for everyone and that can be a turnoff for some people. In the world today, there are quite a few “coffee snobs” that do not enjoy the commercial ability of Starbucks coffee beans. They enjoy a specific coffee bean that they found at a local coffee shop. Coffee is a personal thing so everyone has their own preference when it comes to coffee beans. 

Coffee is something that most people have every day and are very particular about how they like it. Whether they like it with milk and sugar, it doesn’t matter when the most important part is the coffee beans.  When looking at Starbucks coffee beans to determine if they are good enough for your coffee needs, there are some things you have to think about. 


When describing Starbucks coffee beans, the first word that comes to mind for most people is that it is bitter. They usually use a dark roast for their coffee and dark roasts tend to be more bitter and can almost taste burnt at some times. Since Starbucks is a very large chain company, they would not buy expensive coffee beans to use for dark roast coffee because they are roasted longer. They could buy cheaper ones and have a similar taste compared to a higher quality coffee bean. Starbucks sells light and medium roasts as well, but they mostly sell their dark roast coffee. The lighter coffee roasts tend to have fruitier tones and can be acidic. The medium roasts are sweeter and are more balanced than the other two coffee blends. If darker roasts are your favorite type of coffee roast then Starbucks would be your type of favorite coffee bean. 


The consistent taste of Starbucks coffee beans as I previously said can be quite bitter and very strong. This is due to Starbucks mostly using dark roast beans. Lighter roast beans have a different flavoring, but if you purchase light roast beans from a wide variety of sources the taste can be changed. It would not be as similar as using dark roast beans since the darker roasts have a consistent flavoring. In order to have a successful chain of coffee restaurants, you need to have a consistent taste across all of the stores worldwide. 

As I have previously said, Starbucks uses dark roast because during the dark roast process the flavors tend to be bitter and burnt. That is why they chose to use lower quality beans because it does not change the overall flavor of the coffee bean whether the quality was slightly better than a more expensive kind. It makes the most sense for them financially if their beans are darker roast for consistency. 

Most Popular Starbucks Beans 

For those who are interested in coffee beans from Starbucks, they  typically rank Pike Place Roast as the most popular blend. It is the blend that was used when Starbucks was first opened in Seattle. 

It is a smooth blend of coffee that is quite strong, but there is something with it that makes it not seem as heavy as it could be. It is perfect for coffee at any time of day whether it be in the morning or afternoon or even after dinner. Starbucks also typically relies on the aurora of the place to include the smell of their coffee as well. The smell tends to have nutty notes which makes the smell inviting to others. The Pike Place is also available in decaf so it’s accessible for all times of day and for someone who doesn’t drink caffeine. The only downside of the Pike Place Roast is that it tends to be quite simple, but if you’re a fan of the original Starbucks blend, these coffee beans are for you!

Personal Preference 

Coffee beans in a coffee cup.

Starbucks coffee can tend to be a polarizing topic when it comes to the coffee bean community. Some people love the taste of their bitter coffee beans and some people think that they taste burnt and are not good quality. It depends on everyone’s personal opinion and whether or not they support a more commercial product. Some people prefer to spend their money on local businesses while others could care less. Starbucks shows quite a wide variety of products ranging from light to dark roast coffee beans. This can satisfy any “coffee snob” by matching what coffee beans work for you. 

Even a “coffee snob” has to appreciate what Starbucks has done for the coffee industry. Starbucks has also helped with the positive sustainability with how they farm their coffee beans. They buy from farms that focus on being environmentally friendly when it comes to harvesting their beans and their packaging. Starbucks is also known for its efforts with water conservation. This company also treats its employees very well. This is commendable for a company that is so large. 

So to answer the question are Starbucks Coffee beans good?…

It completely depends on the individual and whether or not they enjoy the different types of coffee beans that Starbucks offer whether it be the light, medium, or dark roast! I personally enjoy their dark roast so I like their coffee beans. 

If that’s you, grab a cup of the Best Starbucks Coffee Beans today!

My name is Ariadna Louer. I attend the University of Pittsburgh and I’m studying marketing. I love writing about coffee. 

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