How Long Should a Coffee Maker Last?

When you are purchasing a coffee maker, do you wonder how long should a coffee maker last? What are the signs that your coffee maker needs to be replaced? How to make your coffee last longer? This article will answer all of your questions! On average, the lifespan of a decent coffee maker should be about 5 years. However, real-life situations are more complicated than just a simple number. We are going to go through the lifespan of two different kinds of coffee makers, the five to six indicators of when you need to replace a coffee maker, and how to make your coffee maker last longer. 

Different Kinds of Coffee Makers’ Average Lifespan

Automatic Coffee Makers

Automatic Coffee Makers
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Automatic coffee makers, such as drip coffee machines or single-serve coffee brewers, have an average lifespan of about 5-10 years. However, this number will be the result of a regular cleaning routine, which includes descaling and cleaning after every use.

Manual Coffee Makers: 

Manual Coffee Makers: 
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Surprise! Manual coffee makers, such as French presses, percolators, or pour-overs, can last for a lifetime. Even though they might break in the meantime due to our carelessness or accident, they don’t have essential parts that have a clear life span. Technically, if you take care of them, they can last forever. 

However, the filter of these makers might need to be changed on a certain regularity, mostly around every 6 months if the machine is used regularly. 

As you can see, the confusion related to how long a coffee maker lasts is mainly focused on automatic ones since those manual ones can last forever with proper care. We will now talk about the indicators that an automatic coffee maker needs to be replaced. 

Objective and Subjective Indicators that you need to replace an automatic coffee maker

Objective and Subjective Indicators that you need to replace an automatic coffee maker
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When the coffee maker is broken

This seems like a pretty obvious reason. However, a lot of people would hesitate to do a replacement at first. Instead, they mind attempt to find ways to replace the machine. Machines can experience various kinds of issues: leaks, pumps that are not functioning, as well as broken carafes or water reservoirs. All of these issues are good indicators to get a new coffee maker. However, if your machine is under warranty or is super expensive, you might want to contact customer service for assistance.

When the coffee maker does not properly heat water

Water is a very essential part of your coffee drink. While it is most ideally heated up to about 200 Fahrenheit (according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America), a lot of coffee makers after years of use are not able to hit this degree. A possible sign of degradation will be coffee that is not favorable and often tastes slightly sour: This is an indicator that the coffee is under-extracted. 

With such a coffee maker, you do have the choice of replacing the heating element. However, it might also be a good time to purchase a more updated coffee machine. 

The coffee maker only works with a limited edition of pods

Have you experienced the struggle of your coffee maker only being about to take very specific kinds of coffee pods? Then, if these pods are stopped being produced, your maker is useless. 

This is a very sad situation and it means that, even if your machine is still functioning properly, you need to replace it to get a better coffee experience. 

The coffee maker is outdated

Sometimes, you might still need a replacement even when a coffee machine is still properly working. Due to the fast development of the coffee maker industry, some coffee makers have become outdated swiftly. It may just happen that your coffee machine becomes old and dated.

For example, you might happen to see a more modernized coffee maker that attracts you. Maybe you have been wanting a machine that can froth milk and your colleagues happen to mention to you one of these they are using. This might also be a good time to replace your current machine. 

The coffee maker doesn’t work for your current environment anymore

When you just got married recently, the small size Nespresso machine might no longer fit your requirements. Or, reversely, when you move out of your parents’ house and live by yourself, you probably don’t want to carry the huge family-friendly machine with you to your new and packed studio. Coffee makers are a bit like cars. At times, you might need to switch from a mini car to an SUV. And, conversely, you might need to replace a minivan with a copper mini.

How to Make Your Coffee Maker Last Longer? 

How to Make Your Coffee Maker Last Longer?
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One of the core aspects to pay attention to when taking care of a coffee maker is to properly clean and do maintenance. If the machine is used daily, make sure to wash it daily and descale it once a month. With careful cleaning and maintenance, a coffee machine that should last for 5 years can serve you for 10 years! 

How Long Should a Coffee Maker Last? – Conclusion

Thinking of the lifespan of your coffee machine can be a tricky thing. Hopefully, this article can help you get some ideas about what to pay attention to and what to expect when it comes to the topic.

Written by Wendi Liu

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