How to Roast Coffee With a Whirley-Pop?

How to Roast Coffee With a Whirley-Pop?

How to Roast Coffee With a Whirley-Pop? Home roasting coffee beans provides an ample amount of benefits that cannot be replicated by your standard store-bought ground coffee brands. Benefits such as a full-bodied flavor and unique characteristics are retained much better in freshly roasted beans compared to their store counterparts. To add on, freshly roasted beans have the highest concentration of antioxidants that you can achieve with coffee. This is why many coffee lovers believe that freshly roasted beans are superior and take the time to roast them themselves. However, for many newcomers, learning how to roast their coffee beans is a harrowing task given that they have no prior experience.

To add on, most people have this preconceived notion that you need to have a high-end machine and specialized knowledge to be able to achieve a quality roast. However, this is far from the truth because the process is quite simple and takes minimal effort to achieve. It is so simple that it will take you less than 15 minutes and minimal tools to get from green beans to your desired roast. With the help of the best popcorn popper for roasting coffee, an Infrared Thermometer, and closely following the step guide below, you can learn how to roast coffee with a Whirley-Pop for your drinking pleasure.

Step #1: The Supplies

Step #1: The Supplies
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To begin the process you will need the following items:

  •  A Whirley-Pop hand crank popping machine (Can be found on Amazon.)
  • A large colander or mesh strainer
  • A visual roasting guide to determine the degree of roast you want (Can be found with a quick Google search.)
  • An infrared thermometer (Can be purchased via Amazon or local home improvement stores.)
  • 6-8 oz of your favorite green beans
  • The stopwatch on your smartphone

Step #2: The Setup

  • Begin by placing the Whirley-Pop on the stovetop and set the heat to medium-low on an electric stove or a low flame for a gas stove. Try to avoid using high heat because the beans may burn too quickly to control which may lead to discoloration.
  • Pre-heat the Whirley-Pop to approximately 400°F. Use the infrared thermometer to determine if the pot reads this number.
  • Once the desired temperature is reached, pour the 6-8 oz of beans into the pot and begin cranking at a steady pace while simultaneously initiating the stopwatch on your phone. Do not apply more than 8 oz of beans because they will not cook evenly and will result in unsatisfying results. 

Step #3: The Cues 

  • When you first apply the beans into the Whirley-Pop you will notice with the thermometer that the temperature will drop slightly. You shouldn’t worry because this is normally what happens. However, if the temperature dips more than 75°F or 100°F you should correct this by slightly increasing the heat or moving the pot to a different side on the stovetop. Take special precautions to ensure you do not increase the heat by an exaggerated amount.
  • As time presses forward to around the 5-minute to 6-minute mark you will begin to hear the first cracking from the pot. With this, you should see an increase in smoke and smell the aroma of grass. Open the lid to see how the beans are doing. If you see a slight brown hue beginning to encapsulate the green, you are on the right track.  Keep cranking slightly faster than before to keep the beans cooking evenly. 
  • After the end of the first crack, the entirety of your beans should be entirely shaded with a light hue of brown. This signifies that you have reached a light roast. Please consult your visual roasting guide to determine the roast level you are at.
  • Moving forward in time to around the 9-minute to 12-minute mark you should begin to hear the second crack beginning. During this time your beans should be within the medium roast to the dark roast range. Consult your guide to determine which level you are in. A special note to keep in mind is that at this point most coffee beans are within acceptable ranges to stop roasting.
  • Take your roasted coffee beans and pour them into a bowl to cool.

Step #4: Clean Up and Storage

  • After the coffee beans have cooled a bit begin transferring them to a large colander or mesh strainer. When they are finally completely transferred over then begin to shake them vigorously over a trash can to get the chaff off the beans. Keep shaking until all the flakes are completely off your coffee beans.
  • When the chaff is finally cleaned off the beans are ready to be transferred to their container or vacuum-sealed bag. Once they are transferred, make sure you properly label the type of beans they are and the level of the roast they are. Once this is completed, place the sealed container of coffee beans in a dry and dark area to rest for at least a day before using them to brew.

Conclusion – How to Roast Coffee With a Whirley-Pop?

Hopefully, not only have you learned a little bit more about how to roast coffee in a Whirley-Pop, but you have begun to think of the many different unconventional ways you are able to make coffee. Who knows, maybe with a little creativity, the best tasting coffee of your life is awaiting to be made.

Written by John Cortes Perez and Isabella Kiene

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