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Brother 3034D Serger – Quality Review

The well-known Brother 1034D Serger is known for being one of the top Serger Machines for novice sewers; however, this popular machine has now upgraded to the Brother 3034D Serger sewing machine. Reliable and industry-leading sewing machine brand Brother has created an upgraded high-quality model with unique features and advancements.

The Brother 3034D Serger gives you everything you want from the Brother 1034D, but with the added feature of a light-compact feel as well as an individual two-needle adjustment. In simpler terms, the Brother 3034D Serger offers more sewing varieties in addition to a better quality machine. 

Shown in the Brother 3034D Serger Details table above, this model offers the most up-to-date features, in addition to being the highest quality sewing machine. This particular model measures 38.8 x 35 x 33.2 cm. The Brother 3034D Serger is also lighter than the previous 1034D model, making it advanced while compact. Because of this, the 3034D Serger is easy to transport and even easier to use.

In addition, the motor speed on the Brother 3034D Serger is extremely fast, with the ability to sew up to 1300 stitches/mm. A 25-year warranty is also included with the machine, allowing you to send back parts or accessories that are faulty or damaged.  

Brother 3034D Serger Features

One-Step Functionality

One of the top features of the Brother 3034D Serger is the One-Step Functionality that allows you to sew with ease. Most sewing machines require you to trim excess seam while using the overlock stitch to complete raw edges; however, the Brother 3034D Serger allows you to complete these steps simultaneously. Because of this, the Brother 3034D Serger allows for two key advantages over almost all sewing machines: the ability to complete projects in a short period of time and an easy, one-step finishing function. 

With all of the advancements that come along with the Brother 3034D Serger, the sewing machine makes it extremely easy to accomplish a professional-looking finish, even for beginners. Since the machine is already set up with little instructions needed, you are able to begin sewing within seconds. One of the main features that allow beginners to easily utilize this sewing machine is the one-step function, giving you the ability to trim edges and finish sewing simultaneously.

F.A.S.T Threading Lower Loop System

The F.A.S.T Threading Lower Loop System provided in the Brother 3034D Serger allows for an easy-to-use setup, in a short period of time. Because the F.A.S.T Threading Lower Loop System is already set up for you, beginners also have the ability to use this machine by following the provided DVD guide. This automatic system allows you to skip the multi-step process of setting up a machine, avoiding the difficult threading system. Because of the F.A.S.T Threading Lower Loop System feature, this machine is perfect for both beginners and experts. 

Color Coded Threading Guide

Brother has included a Color Coded Threading Guide to the 3034D Serger Sewing Machine, adding to the list of reasons why this sewing machine is perfect for beginners eager to learn. The color-coding makes it easier for you to navigate through the machine with little confusion. This easy and simple threading experience allows you to waste little time on understanding the make of the machine. Although a DVD with in-depth instructions and tutorials is included, the color-coding makes it unnecessary to watch with these simple easy-to-use features included in the Brother 3034D Serger. 

Thread Twisting Protection

One of the top things users complain about when using a sewing machine is the inability to easily remove stitching. Users are forced to precisely remove each individual thread which becomes extremely tedious; however, with the Thread Twisting Protection included in the 3034D Serger, the machine will automatically backtrack and remove accidental threading. This eliminated the need to tediously remove stitching, allowing you to sew at a faster rate.

Free Arm Flat Bed

Although most sewing machines make it rather difficult to sew cuffs and sleeves, the Brother 3034D allows you to sew with cuffs and sleeves at ease. This is because of the Free Arm Flat Bed that is included which makes sewing cuffs and sleeves easier and faster. The free-arm flatbed also allows you to create professional results when sewing. 

Differential Feed Adjustment

Differential Feed Adjustment is also an added bonus to the Brother 3034D since it allows you to easily adjust settings, making it easier to handle more challenging fabrics and materials. A sharp, retractable knife is also included to aid with harder fabrics. With the differential feed adjustment and retractable knife, clean and precise lines are easy to accomplish with the Brother 3034D Serger. 

Built-in LED light

The Brother 3034D has a built-in LED light which gives you the ability to clearly see what they are sewing in addition to the variety of colors. Because the sewing machine has LED lights, colors are depicted more clearly, helping you distinguish between similar color threads. 

With the built-in handle, the Brother 3034D Serger is able to be transported with minimal effort. In addition, a dust bag cover is included to prevent any damages when transporting. The sewing machine is also portable because of the new light-weight model that Brother has designed, weighing 12 pounds, nearly 4 pounds. lighter than the previous model. 

Advanced Electric Foot Control

The Brother 3034D Serger includes an advanced electric foot control making it easier for you to sew at faster speeds. The electronic foot control allows you to sew at speeds up to 1300 stitches/mm, nearly 400 stitches higher than the average sewing machine.  

25-year Warranty Plan

Brother offers a 25-year warranty plan if the machine is defective or causing issues that are not due to misuse. In addition, parts and accessories are also included in the warranty plan as long as the damage is not due to improper use. 

Free Arm Flatbed

The Brother 3034D Serger has a large working space, allowing you to sew with comfort and space. With the addition of the free arm flatbed, the sewing machine is able to gain more surface area, creating an even larger working space. The free arm flatbed is removable; therefore, displaying the endless customization features available in the Brother 3034D Serger. 

Stitch Options

There are over 7 different types of stitch options including pintuck, 4 thread overlock, blind hemming, 3 thread overlock wide, 3 thread overlock narrow, flat locks, and a variety of others. This gives the Brother 3034D Serger customization features unique to other competing brands and models. With the large variety of stitch options, you are able to sew nearly any design or shape desired. 

Other Additional Features

Some highlight accessories included with the Brother 3034D Serger are the dust cover, needle pack, and instructional DVD. The dust cover is extremely useful for transporting the sewing machine, making it light and portable. The needle pack included is essential, perfect for beginners who have a small amount of sewing materials and accessories.

Beginners will also find the Instructional DVD easy to follow, in case of slight confusion in the instruction manual. In addition to the accessories listed above, the Brother 3034D Serger features a waste collector trap that eliminates the collection of excess fabric. This allows for a clean table and surface when sewing. The use of a generic sewing needle is also an added advantage that you may find when sewing more challenging projects. 


  • Stitch Configuration: 3/4 thread
  • Knife Drive Type: Down Side
  • Stitch Width: 3-7 mm
  • Stitch Length: 0.8- 4 mm
  • Motor Speed: 1300 Stitches/mm
  • Machine Weight: 12 pounds

Included Accessories

  • Thread Nets
  • Dust Cover 
  • Spool Caps 
  • Needle Replacement Hexagonal Screwdriver 
  • Needle Pack 
  • Lint Brush 
  • Tweezers 
  • Blind Stitch Hem Foot 
  • Trim Trap
  • Instructional DVD 
  • Professional Finish even for Beginners
  • Easy to Transport
  • Advanced Electronic Foot Control
  • Warranty
  • Large Work Area
  • Variety of Stitch Options
  • Storage Compartment
  • Noise
  • Costly Spare Parts and Accessories

Sample Customer Review…Serger design: The sound of the machine operating is bearable, (not as loud as I thought it would be) and there are sewing machines and serger mats available that cushion the machines and reduce the sound even further if you prefer. The serger weighs about 12 pounds and is light enough to lift in one hand via the built-in opening/handle that you tuck your fingers into at the back. It has a sturdy build and doesn’t budge from your sewing table when you’re sewing.

Ease of use: I kept hearing people call threading sergers “intimidating” and “complex” but that’s not the case with this machine. Every point of threading is color-coded and marked – you cannot miss a thing. I read the product manual, followed the steps and in 10 minutes, started serging small scraps, then tried out an unfinished skirt project. It made perfect 3 and 4 thread seam finishes so far for cotton and polyester, with all dials left at the default settings. I had one problem with a thread breaking in one of the loopers – until I realized that I had forgotten a threading point – then it sewed perfectly again.

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The Brother 3034D Serger is a highly rated model that is useful for anyone wanting to sew. Because of the easy-to-use features, this model is recommended whether you are a beginner eager to learn, or a professional. I would definitely recommend the Brother 3034D Serger because of its light-weight portable features, in addition to the advanced upgrades and features included. This model, although pricier than others, is the best investment you could make since you will be getting a quality, long-lasting sewing machine that will allow you to sew any material with ease. Hope you enjoy the Brother 3034D Serger sewing machine! 

Written by Niani Pogue and Victoria Beuchat

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