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Complete Brother JX2517 Review Guide

Just getting started in sewing? Or are you just looking for something easy to use? Then don’t look any further, the Brother JX2517 might be for you! In this review, I have prepared an in-depth analysis as to why this machine has been lauded as one of the better sewing machines out there.  

Brother JX2517: Key Features

Even though the JX2517 is lightweight this doesn’t mean the machine lacks a quality amount of features. When the manufacturers conceived the idea of this machine they wanted to allow the user to have a variety of convenient capabilities for their projects. 

Easy Bobbin Winding System

The great thing about this machine is that it does a great job of simplifying your bobbin winding with specific thread shades. All you need to do is put the bobbin into the winder, then choose the ribbon that you will see on the top part of the machine, and then gradually you will then proceed to replace that bobbin once it finishes for the correctly packed one. 

Drop-in Top Bobbin

When setting your bobbin up for use after you’ve wound it back is also very simple. All you have to do is just drop it into the bobbin case when you’re ready to start sewing. Because of this, your children or first-time sewers can now focus on just sewing rather than having to search for a complicated solution. 

Free Arm

If you’re sewing small clothing pieces like collars, trousers, or sleeves without a free arm it will be difficult. Luckily, this machine comes with one so you can be able to maneuver the machine with ease. 

LED Feature

This machine also comes with a LED feature. During the daytime, you may not notice the difference when turning the machine from on to off, however, when using it at night when you need to get the project done you will. 

Sewing Speed

The JX2517 has a maximum stitch sewing speed of nine-hundred stitches per minute. This type of speed will help make your sewing experience become an efficient and quick process. 

Reverse Stitch Button

To easily tie off the last stitch in your row you can use the reverse stitch button which is located at the front of the machine. 


A great thing this machine provides is a warranty. The guarantee period will begin from the date of the order. It will be one year for labor, with related accessory components and items, for it to get its printed circuit boards and digital parts it will need two years, and twenty-five years to get its casting. 

  • Cheap
  • Weight
  • Simple
  • Quiet
  • Bobbin winding system & drop-in bobbin
  • Strong
  • Wide variety of attributes
  • Layout
  • Mostly for novices
  • Insufficient automatic needle threader
  • Struggles with correct stitch length
  • LED lighting
  • Inability to sew elastic
  • Cleanliness

Sample Customer Review…This is an awesome sewing machine! I needed to get one but was concerned about getting one too bulky or heavy to use. I have a small home so I needed something lightweight that I could drag out when I needed it, and put away when done. I also needed it to be as cheap as possible.

Well, I am super happy with this selection! I don’t feel like I had to sacrifice anything for price or for it to be lightweight. It has several different stitches and comes with instructions for how to thread the needle, run a bobbin, and change the stitch types. So far, I have had no problems with the machine at all. And it has no problems pushing through thick girl scout patches, which I’ve broken needles before on.

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Brother JX2517 – Notable Pros and Cons

Notable Pros


The Brother JX2517 has the excellent quality, with its variety of features, for its value of money.


The machine weighs far less than other machines that have similar or the same features. It’s more manageable and convenient due to its compact figure. Due to this, you can then store it in convenient places altogether without having to dismantle it.


The machine is very simple to use. It has a manual with lots of step-by-step tutorials, in which any new sewers can quickly figure out what they don’t know.


Something that I find very attractive about the machine is that according to users it’s quiet when in use. It still makes noise, however, it isn’t something that will wake up your kids or neighbors.

Bobbin Winding System and Drop-in Bobbin

People who use this machine have stated that these features have been amazingly user-friendly. Now when you are sewing you will be able to move forth without any distraction.


This machine is great for all kinds of clothes. It will run smoothly through even three layers of thick fabric. Just make sure if you attempt to do this that you use the correct needle. It is even reported that people have used this machine on a few pieces of furniture!

Wide Variety of Attributes

It has quite a supply of qualities that can help you have a fun and efficient time when sewing, instead of preventing you from becoming frustrated. Because of this, you will be able to test out your ability while experimenting due to the multitude of features.


The layout of the machine is very pretty. It’s a floral design that is great on the eye. Even though it isn’t an important quality, it’s still nice to see something different from just a plain white machine.

Also, from the reviews, I have seen this machine has done a great job of meeting the consumer’s expectations.

Notable Cons

Mostly for Novices

The sewing machine is great for beginners and maybe even a level a little bit above that, however, for those who are looking to make significant embroideries or quilting it might not meet up to standard compared to more expert-level machines.

Insufficient Automatic Needle Threader

Since the machine is simple this isn’t really a bad thing, however, I still feel I must inform you that this machine has to have a contained automatic threader.

Struggles With Correct Stitch length

For experts, they are usually more experienced and don’t need an auto-set stitch length adjustment, so this might hold them back. However, as I stated before, this machine is meant more for beginners and kids.

LED Lighting

Many users have stated in past reviews that the lighting isn’t exceptional.

Inability to Sew Elastic

Since the machine is light, you shouldn’t expect it to do a great job when threading with elastic. You should get a more heavier-duty machine if you’re going to do that.


If you’re going to frequently use the machine you should make sure you clean it for the majority of times you use it for it to work well.

Things to Know About the Brother JX2517

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Stitching Patterns

The Brother JX2517 has a selection of seventeen built-in stitches. This machine can help you create a diverse array of sewing projects due to its fantastic decorative and utility options. 

Included with the built-in stitches is a helpful four-step automatic buttonholer. This option is great for when you need help with garment construction, such as putting buttons on pillows. 

It also has a built-in blind hem stitch which will help you when you’re trying to create a hem on any piece of garment with efficiency and ease. This technique will help you hide any stitches when creating a hem, helping your final product look professional. 

If you are ever confused about how to use this machine you can go back and look at the diagram printed in the front of your machine to see which number will correspond to your choice of stitch. After that, you can then turn the pattern dial to the correct number of your desire. 

Size and Weight 

What makes this machine stand out compared to other machines is how efficient, yet lightweight it is. Just weighing around 12 pounds, the JX2517 is very portable. 

Since it’s very portable you can then easily be able to store it when traveling to work, holiday, your in-laws home, etc. 

Due to its lightness, the machine is perfect for kids who are in the beginning stages of learning how to sew. Beginners, kids, etc. will be greatly benefited from this compact machine, and not have to sweat over carrying something much heavier. 

Why All These Matters

When getting into anything, you don’t really know where to look, or who to trust when you’re buying a product in whatever field you’re looking at.

In this article, my plan was to offer an unbiased piece as to what this machine can do for you, and what it can’t do for you.


The Brother JX2517 is a popular product due to its lightweight and compact frame. I believe that whether you’re a novice looking to get your feet wet in the sewing world, or a veteran who values a machine that is efficient and easy to use that this machine is a great option for you to consider.

Written by Claudio Hudtwalcker; Contributor: Kristen Osborne

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