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Quality Brother CE1100PRW Review

In the sewing world, Brother is the sewing machine that has built a positive reputation over the years and has become a big brand in the sewing world. The Brother CE1100PRW was a limited edition model and has since become a discontinued product, so I will write a simple review of it so you can have a better understanding of the product and consider the used and refurbished product. With this sewing machine being computerized, that means there are unique displays such as the LCD display and other automatic features. It may not have all the smart features you’re looking for, yet it will meet the needs of any sewists that use the Brother CE1100PRW. 

Brother CE1100PRW – Features

The Brother CE1100 has eight one-step buttonholes with 100 built-in stitches that also come with seven presser feet which is a special feature, even for sewists with great expertise. Having a free arm to use will come in use when you are occupied with things such as garments, parts such as collars or sleeves, and home decor projects.

The drop feed for free motion quilting and sewing is very important as your stitching will have more ability than before as you won’t be limited to going just forward and backward which will have quilters excited about. The fabric feeding will be straightforward and dependable which will allow you to sew delicate materials. Sets find the 7-point feed dogs rare with the quality it provides for anyone taking on any sewing or quilting projects. 

You also may be wondering how fast the machine is, as it is average compared to other portable machines as its greatest speed is at 850 stitches per minute. With this being the highest speed, it will be able to get you through your projects in a reasonable amount of time, but it won’t be the fastest portable sewing machine you use. 

The quick-set drop-in top bobbin system that is used on this model is similar to other Brother model sewing machines and is used in ease for loading into the bobbin case. The bobbin case itself is crystal clear so you can always stay on top of your project and not run out of thread. The threading system itself will make it very structured so it’s simple to thread the machine when needed. The portable machine is also a mere 15 pounds, which makes the Brother CE1100PRW convenient and lightweight which means you can take it on the go. 

Lastly, on this sewing machine, you will have an LCD screen that allows you to adjust your settings of how you want the length and width to be, and you can select your stitches along with this feature. The downside is that this Brother machine doesn’t have a backlight, and this means you will have to use some other source of lighting to see the external parts that are needed to see to complete the project. 

  • 100 built-in stitches
  • Printed label of stitches
  • 7-point feed
  • Precise stitching
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Overlock foot and stitches.
  • LCD screen display
  • Built-in storage
  • Comfortable for beginners
  • Portable
  • Speed control is not automated
  • Brighter LED Light
  • Face plate is created from plastic
  • Needle thread could cause problems
  • Covering not incorporated
  • Spool is fragile
  • Catered towards beginners only

Sample Customer Review… I love it. Download the manual before you buy to make sure it has the features you want. I love that this machine tells you which presser foot to use with which stitch and has programmed stitch dimensions that are easy to modify. I also love that it doesn’t let you stitch when the presser foot is up, which helps me avoid mistakes. It can be set up to end a stitch with the needle up, instead of down if that’s what you prefer. So far I had no problems with thread tension or the machine jamming. As a beginner, I find that it is much easier to use than older machines.

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Notable Pros and Cons

Notable Pro

100 built-in stitches

If you are just beginning with sewing, then maybe you will be overloaded with all the stitches. With some time, you will be able to figure out which stitches are wanted for each of your individual projects. Once you have gained an understanding of the primary stitches, then your projects will begin to flow. You will be able to find enjoyment as you learn which stitches to use for each project and new opportunities while using them for your continuous projects. The variety of stitches come with decorative, embroidery, and quilting stitches that are set apart from the fundamental ones.

Printed Label of Stitches

The machine body has a printed label of stitches. There will be no guessing when it comes to knowing which stitching to use when completing your projects. On the machine, there will be a stitch selection chart that represents all the numbers and visuals of each stitch. With ease, you will be able to decipher which stitch is needed from the representation on the machine. 

7-Point Feed Dogs

7-point feed dogs will do a wonderful job. As mentioned before, rare with the quality it provides for anyone taking on any sewing or quilting projects. The lightest and any variety of fabric will go through the machine with ease which will make projects more successful. 

Precise Stitching

Precise stitching with the needle down. For a perfect sewing experience, this feature will absolutely be essential when you need to rotate the materials without losing the stitch. 

Fast and Easy Setup

Fast and easy setup. The Brother CE1100PRW makes it convenient to start sewing as fast as possible with an easy setup. From taking it out of the box you should be able to thread the machine and begin projects, unlike up-to-date machines which is the main stressor. For first-time sewers, it makes it easy to set up, and sustaining the machine is simple. Some machines need oil, while this machine doesn’t need oil and all that is needed is to wipe up any lint left behind. 

Overlock Foot and Stitches

Serger is terminated with the overlock foot and stitches. With the variety of features that you will get such as the buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, monogramming foot, and zigzag foot the seams you will make will be well built and will save you time. With heavy fabrics that you want to sew, you will just need to get a walking foot which will make the machine more adjustable to any material you need to work with.

LCD Screen

LCD screen displays everything you need. The LCD simplifies how you make your stitch choice along with giving you the freedom to change your length and width of the stitching. The presser foot is key in the process, as the LCD screen will explain which presser foot you need for a certain stitch. 

Built-in Storage

On the foundation, there is built-in storage. Removal of the foundation will give you access to storing pins, needles, bobbins, and presser feet that you don’t need at the moment. Without a swimming machine table, this detail will be incredibly handy when you’re in need of storing certain parts. The built-in storage will lodge many useful items that you will need for all of your projects. 

Notable Cons

Speed Control Isn’t Automated

Many of the Brother machines have speed control sliders that allow you to carefully handle tough parts of projects where stitchwork has to have the slowest speed to ensure that your project goes smoothly. The foot pedal’s main purpose is to control the speed, yet many of the models have this feature and the CE1100PRW should have it as well. 

LED Light Could Lighten Up Working Space

If you have a poor vision then it can be difficult to see what you are working with when sewing late at night. If you are in a dark area while sewing then it could be wise to find an illuminated area to do your sewing.

Faceplate Is Created from Plastic

The longevity of the machine is in doubt with some parts of the machine as it can be difficult to replace parts and the faceplate has a fine plastic part that is questionable. This part is right below the presser bar and needle, with this being an important part you would think it would be created with powerful material.

Needle Thread Could Cause Problems

It’s been said that the hook is prone to get off the hook which can be troublesome, yet re-threading usually can fix this problem.

Covering Not Incorporated In the Package

Coverings are always nice assets to the sewing machines, yet there is no cover that comes with the product. Having some sort of cover could prevent unnecessary damages and saving time from going to purchase one elsewhere. 


The Brother CE1100PRW machine has more pros that surpass the cons that are usually seen within most sewing machines. It’s a machine that becomes easy to learn about with time and careful practice. It’s surprisingly quick to catch on to properly use the machine as the parts that are used for quick adjustments simplifies the process for anyone sewing. Most of the unique tools that are found on the machine are more advanced models that are expensive, so the Brother CE1100PRW is worth every cent that is spent on it. Most of the flaws in the machine are minimal, and if they do occur it’s very possible to fix any problems that may come up.

For those who need practice and grow their mastery with sewing, then they will find this machine to be a great beginning machine to use. Experts who have been sewing for years tend to go back to this machine as it helps them to practice while giving them all the features needed on a sewing machine. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it’s also going to get the job done.

The biggest concern overall with this machine is the strength of the Brother CE1100PRW. Some certain parts are made of plastic when metal or other materials would extend this machine’s longevity. Once you’ve used up all the life of the machine it will have produced many projects for you so it’s well worth acquiring this model. If you can find the Brother CE1100PRW, then it’s fully worth the purchase once you have come to a solid conclusion about the machine. 

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Written by Benjamin Kennaley; Contributors: Katherine Roberts and Emilie Weinbeck

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